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House Calls

Regular small animal house calls were not offered in Effingham until now! Benefits abound for owner and patients alike and include the following:

  • Convenience
  • Less stress on owners and their animals
  • Multi-pet and child households, as it is often overwhelming for clients to bring all of their animals and/or children in at once or make multiple visits.
  • Very large and geriatric dogs, as it is sometimes impossible to get them into the car to get to the office.
  • Euthanasia - the peace, quiet and comfort of home can make this experience more bearable than can any other place imaginable...
  • Hospice - an obvious extension of our house-call service, this service offers at-home consultations and treatments for animals with chronic and terminal diseases, allowing for the veterinarian to walk alongside the patient and his owner in their home environment to the end...
  • Many multi--cat owners choose to decline or ignore a visit due to the stress it brings them and their cats. Indeed, the car ride alone can be a distressing re-enactment of The Exorcist. One of our hopes for house call service is to encourage and rekindle in these owners a renewed hope for cat-care.

Call us today and schedule a house call for your pets today!


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